about us
iBedSheets.pk is a live online e-Commerce store in Pakistan. The reason we jumped into this market is to impact rising e-commerce awareness in the mass, that will provide fair business practices.

The e-commerce in Pakistan is still in its infancy, it will take time to evolve as industry, being a new concept in the society, there are risks at both ends, that is consumer has a fear of being having a product that is different from what he/she assumed while browsing the online store, and online store on other hand has risk of returned order by customers.

At iBedSheets.pk, we see this as an opportunity to abridge this gap. We believe there is a need to earn respect & credibility from store owner end, that is, deliver the item that was being displayed to the customer, which includes showing exact photo of the item, instead of stock image. While to minimize the risk of returned order, make follow up at number of steps after customer orders and during the good being delivered. After delivering try to get opinion of customer as well.